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Commercial Cleaning in Houston

The cleanliness of a business says a lot about how much the owner cares. A dirty office or store can send the wrong message to prospective buyers and lower morale, a dirty hospital or care center is not only detrimental to employee and patient mentalities, but also to their health. Maintaining a clean work environment is vital to the well-being of your business and its personnel. Integra Janitorial Services, LLC has been serving the Houston area for decades and our standards are the highest in the industry.


Office Cleaning in Houston

If your office is like most offices, your employees work in pretty close quarters and are always sharing office equipment. That means, when one person falls ill, the rest of your team starts dropping like flies. The easiest way to avoid this problem, and maintain the health of your workforce is by partnering with professional cleaners, like the ones here at Integra Janitorial Services. At Integra Janitorial Services, we are a leading cleaning company offering office cleaning services to the people of Houston and the surrounding area. When you team up with us, you will benefit from a team that strives to make your office as sanitary as possible, because a clean office is a healthy office.


Residential Cleaning in Houston

As the old saying goes, a clean home is a happy home. Living in a clean environment just feels better, and nothing is as satisfying as knowing where everything is. Unfortunately, many homeowners struggle to find the time to keep their homes neat and orderly. If you are in this boat, you’ve come to the right place. Before you try and cram household chores into your busy schedule, get in touch with Integra Janitorial Services. As a leading residential cleaning company in Houston, we can get your home looking great, and you won’t have to change a thing!


Residential Cleaning in the Houston Area

With Integra Janitorial Services' affordable house cleaning services, it's never been easier to keep things clean. Since day one we've been committed to keeping the homes of Houston neat and tidy, and thanks to our dedication to client satisfaction we've built a reputation for doing just that.


Commercial Cleaning in Harris County

At Integra Janitorial Services, we are in the business of helping other businesses look great! As the leading commercial cleaning company in Harris County, we offer a broad range of cleaning services that are sure to leave customers and clients impressed!


Commercial Window Washing in Houston

Regardless of what your business does, your commercial property needs to look presentable. When it comes to making a good and lasting first impression on prospective clients and customers, you can’t afford to underestimate the importance of clean windows. Streaks and scuffs can make the difference between landing the next big client and not. So, why risk the future of your business by neglecting important details?


Spring Cleaning

Are you sick of the constantly cleaning your Houston home only to find that the clutter returns the very next day? Maybe you are busy juggling a hectic working life with the many responsibilities that come with raising family and do not have enough time to give your Houston home the spring clean it needs. Or perhaps you want your home to look extra clean for an upcoming special occasion or family gathering? If any of these answers sound like that they could apply to you then you really need to contact Integra Janitorial Services, LLC today and allow our skilled team of dedicated and professional cleaning specialists get to work on creating a spring clean that you will not forget.